Name: Zaihiri
Race: Tiefling
Class: Druid
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Religion: None
Status: Alive



Zaihiri has red-tinted skin, small horns hidden by long ashen hair, eyes that glow red and has a long thin tail. She casts no shadow.

Zaihiri wears a flowing shirt covered by a leather waistcoat, skirt, knee-high leather boots and wears a cloak to hide her demonic appearance.


Zaihiri is in constant battle with her demon ancestry, fighting her innermost desires to do bad she strives to be kind and caring, she wishes to protect those she is closest to.
She is willing to do whatever it takes to complete her mission, even if that means having to live with the guilt of hurting others. She is mischievous.


Zaihiri was born in Thay. She was taken as a child and sold into slavery. In time she soon began to resent her ancestry and made a conscious effort to overcome the darker parts of herself and embracing the more human aspects.
While she worked in abject misery she formed a close bond with another tiefling, Inki, seeing her as a little sister. Zaihiri and Inki often talked in hushed whispers about one day escaping from their hell, though Zaihiri didn’t believe it could happen in truth. Yet one day Inki escaped along the river leading out of Thay. Zaihiri was left alone. A few days later she waited until nightfall and made her escape to find Inki.
Once out of Thay she tricked some travellers into stopping to help her and steals some clothes and money in order to be free of her slave clothes and to disguise herself.
(I don’t fully understand this part but I think I’m allowed a badger?) On the road she comes across a badger who she keeps as a companion.
After weeks of travel she found herself surrounded by bandits? But Lennie jumped out of a bush screaming rarrr and saved the day or something but Lennie hasn’t given me her backstory yet.
They begin travelling together. The two connect almost instantly and the human feeling she craves are almost there.


Zaihiri is competent with a bow and arrow which she uses to hunt food.
Zaihiri’s ancestry makes her an excellent sneak.
She makes great soup and makes lovely garments out of animal hides.
She is very happy to be free and catches herself humming.


She keeps a small silver dagger in her boot.


Has a pet badger and is close with “lennie’s character”.


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