Name: Tiryki
Race: Genasi (watersoul)
Class: Ranger
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5’ 9" (175 cm)
Religion: Deep Sashelas
Status: Alive



Tiryki is slim but well built with light blue-green skin. Her skin is etched with thin blue szuldar (energy) lines. Her long, sleek but unkempt hair is a lightish green colour. Tiryki has an ugly scar across her face, neck and collarbone. She keeps most of this part of her body covered by cloth tied with vines and riverweed.


Tiryki is unpredictable, independent, adventurous, stoic and patient.


From as early as she can remember Jorra was raised by a couple of dolphins, whom she spent her childhood exploring the western seas with. She became well practised at hunting fish. At the age of 12 she and her dolphin family were ambushed by a group of bored sahuagins. she managed to survive the attack but her dolphin guardians were killed. She fled the sea and found the closest body of land that she could, finding the port of Nyranzaru on Chult, and spent several weeks recovering in a cave nearby.

Jorra’s attack left her with a large ugly scar stretching from her collarbone to the edge of her left eye, damaging her unique szuldar patterning on her skin and losing all self-confidence. Upon her first visit into the port after recovery she was ridiculed and teased about her new scar, and has since covered it up with whatever materials she could find. She decided to move away from the port and away from civilization, venturing along the River Tiryki, which she later decided to rename herself after, following the apparent change in identity she felt the scar had given her. She stayed hidden in isolation in the dense jungle of Chult for several years, learning survival skills, avoiding the ferocious goblins and dinosaurs that infested the area, and hunting with a trident she fashioned from branches and vines.

One day at the age of 18 a small group of fire genasi came across her and invited her to come back with them to their settlement on the peaks of flame which she did. The genasi group seemed accepting of her but she never trusted them enough to take off the mask that covered her scar in front of them. After a couple of years there she decided to travel to the mainland to


Tiryki has a number of self taught skills from which she was forced to learn growing up;

  • Excellent hunter (especially fish)
  • Strong swimmer
  • Confident liar
  • Fast and athletic
  • Good understating of first aid


Tiryki has few possesions;


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